Fields of Activity

1. Cementitious materials and concrete structures

  • Advanced durability testing
  • Chlorides diffusion tests
  • Chlorides content test (profiling)
  • Carbonation front
  • Detailed rebar mapping
  • Rapid chlorides permeability tests
  • Absorption tests (long term and short term)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete (CTE)
  • Calorimetry and hot blocks set up
  • Shrinkage and creep
  • Condition survey and NDT
  • In situ and laboratory mechanical properties of concrete
  • Georadar
  • Thermography
  • Corrosion potential (half cell and resistivity)
  • Thin section analysis (petrography) of concrete

Tests on cementitious materials and concrete structures: thermography

2. Expertise and consulting

  • Service life design of reinforced concrete structure (semi probabilistic and full probabilistic methods such as DURACRETE®and miscellaneous in-house developed methods)
  • Residual service life estimation (semi probabilistic and full probabilistic methods such as HETEK®, LIGTHCON®, DURACRETE® and miscellaneous in house developed methods)
  • Thermo-mechanical numerical modeling of mass concrete (raft foundations, gravity slabs, nuclear plants, dams) for providing maximum acceptable differentials and zones of maximum principal tensile stresses for cracking control and limitation

Expertise and consulting

3. Rigid and flexible pavements

  • Condition survey of flexible and rigid pavements for both roads and airports
  • Design and re-design (mechanicistic, empiric, FEM according to principal international criteria such as FAA, AASTHO etc.)
  • Soils stabilization (study of mixtures, mechanical and durability properties, etc.)
  • NDT testing
  • Benkelman tests
  • Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) test
  • Georadar
  • Thermography

Tests on rigid and flexible pavements: georadar